Skerjagarður preschool at Bauganes 13 is a private run and has a service agreement with the city of Reykjavík.

Operators are Sóldís Harðardóttir preschool teacher and Þórbjörn Sigurðsson

Principal is Sóldís Harðardóttir and assistant principal is Guðfinna Kristjánsdóttir. The preschool is a member of the Federation of independent schools. Today there are 50 children in the school on daily basis.

At Skerjagarður there are two departments, the younger department Ból where children between the age of 18 months to two and a half years old.

The older department Bakki has children between the age of two and a half and six years old. Age intermixture depends on the circumstances at any given time.

Skerjagarður preschool is located in the middle of a residential community. The nature in Skerjafjörður is fascinating with many recreational areas in short distance from the school. These areas facilitate outdoor teaching. The preschool is on two levels along with a cellar and a loft. The floors are divided by the departments. In the cellar/Gleðigarði is a good facility for visual creativity and to work on larger projects. We believe it to be beneficial to have a great arts and crafts room where the pieces and artworks can develop over a long period of time. In Gleðigarður the children also have organized musical moments as the facility is convenient for physical activity.

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